Darker side  

Newbabyblue32 32F
91 posts
3/15/2019 10:18 pm
Darker side

Time heals nothing. You just change

SingleItalianGy2 47M
730 posts
3/15/2019 11:08 pm

Time may not heal anything, but a good laugh never hurt anyone. You are stunningly beautiful. Those amazing eyes of yours portray a sadness that they shouldn't. They should be beaming with happiness lighting your world and bringing others to you. Wish there was a way I could make you smile and brighten your world,

meatrocket1418 28M
11 posts
3/15/2019 11:18 pm

thank you for sharing your pic

flyk2016 38M
4 posts
3/15/2019 11:23 pm

Very true...time heals nothing yet changes everything....in turn healing you from the pain. Your body adapts something new as to not feel that pain again..indirect healing I like to call it.

Hunglikeajury68 42M
12 posts
3/15/2019 11:24 pm

Mmm delicious

justmexxx33 46M
10 posts
3/16/2019 12:01 am

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