Interspecies sex  

Naughtypursuit 51F  
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1/2/2019 6:09 am
Interspecies sex

No its not what you are thinking....

I read several online news services daily... well scan more like and read those articles that pique my interest.

One I read yesterday was about a bunch of horny cane toads latching on and humping a python in Australia. Apparently they are so horny after a rain storm they will hump anything. Funny to think of their little toad penises (penii) attacking the poor snake.

Being the curious sort I did some further reading on the subject and also found that several mammals engage in masturbation. That a stallion even when gelded will still continue to masturbate.

The things we learn on the internet.

Naughtypursuit 51F  
2186 posts
1/2/2019 6:13 am

Inquiring minds....

1bighammer1000 54M
3094 posts
1/2/2019 6:27 am

Ha ha have you seen the video of the dog jacking off with his two front paws?

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

redmustang91 59M  
9406 posts
1/2/2019 6:41 am

Nice to know animals behave like animals.

boobwhisperer69 56M
5315 posts
1/2/2019 7:35 am

I laughed at "Peni".

BiggLala 47F  
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1/2/2019 7:44 am

Hey...looks like they just hopped on for a ride.

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Naughtypursuit replies on 1/2/2019 8:15 am:
That's what I thought but the article and further research says they are very horny

blah2393 42M
11 posts
1/2/2019 7:56 am

Pure insanity lol

s2ndegree 60M  
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1/2/2019 8:06 am

I've always been intrigued by the similarities
between humans and plants.

For which of course there
is only one even remotely
similar example and it grows wildly
in the wooded areas of
North Carolina!
The uh! Venus fly trap!

Using more than all the road!

Dtts43rt35 60M
4334 posts
1/2/2019 1:07 pm

Nature has these things, it looks like the snake is enjoying it!

....The joys are always welcome!

Tmptrzz 56F  
62076 posts
1/2/2019 2:07 pm

Yes indeed the things we read on the internet, these are quite fascinating thanks for sharing them with us Naughty and may you have a wonderful new year hun..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

Naughtypursuit replies on 1/2/2019 6:29 pm:
A very happy New Year Tmp

mc_justmc 59M  
4959 posts
1/2/2019 3:12 pm

That would explain the cane toad problem they have down under.

Naughtypursuit replies on 1/2/2019 6:29 pm:
Yes as I was reading, apparently they are not native...invasive horny toads

HermanG67 52M
7021 posts
1/2/2019 3:22 pm

Not sure I need to know that LOL

Naughtypursuit replies on 1/2/2019 6:29 pm:
a little knowledge is dangerous

Paulxx001 62M
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1/2/2019 6:11 pm

Sure... I'm trying to think of something witty to say, but nothing comes to mind... 🤔

Words are like meatloaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.
I wrote, a one word blog.How Short Can It Be And Still

Naughtypursuit replies on 1/2/2019 6:28 pm:
Since when are you

azriel1970 48M
25854 posts
1/2/2019 7:31 pm

LOL yes there are some amazing things and some downright different things one learns from the internet!

Paulxx001 62M
9958 posts
1/2/2019 9:53 pm

You are so munchable.. 🤗
Not totally speechless... I could have gone on, about other things... drifting around in my head. I thought I'd harness my inner monologue, hold back and execute restraint and more appropriate behavior... just for a change of pace. And to see what it feels like.
I'd.. uhh.. never mind.. My lip is bleeding...
Visit me on my side of the island... 🏝️ It's quiet over there... 👀

Words are like meatloaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.
I wrote, a one word blog.How Short Can It Be And Still

scoupe42 56M  
6734 posts
1/3/2019 5:42 am

Strange, maybe they all are friends and grew up together?

wantaplay8 66M
5607 posts
1/3/2019 4:06 pm

Yes we do learn a lot online...or at the out for the primate exhibits ,,they are exhibitionist! I read the meme with that picture post that the toads were hitching a ride to escape floods..
In Australia the Cane toad is considered an invasive species, there is a reward of sorts for killing as many toads as one can in a day. "Cane Toad Out" Something I learned online communicating with a Aussie friend.

voyeur2017 56M
587 posts
1/3/2019 7:51 pm

that's the main reason I don't live in Seattle, WA , too much rain!!...combine caffeine with gets crazy~~~

XHamburgDave 75M  
8781 posts
1/7/2019 6:19 am

Mind Boggled Good to know we aren't the only ones

CumsDeep 58M
59 posts
1/11/2019 11:31 am

Rain huh?.... hmmm...

justskin1 67M
11309 posts
2/6/2019 5:56 am

Amazing how some people get upset over the idea of interspecies sex or attempted sex. Do ya think they want to believe we depraved humans invented it. With the Devils help of course.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

Hearton1 48M  
65 posts
3/3/2019 2:50 pm

Hi there NP... Not to burst your bubble here, but I don't think cane toads have a penis....

K1ssyGasm4 48M  
12 posts
6/28/2019 1:12 am

Only in Australia! The horny toads can probably kill you too.

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