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I dreamt of you last night
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 6:17 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 10:28 pm

Im not sure whats going on, I know that I'm at a heightened sense of sensuality, one Ive not been near
in a long long time.
I am aware of every inch of my skin, the way my shirt rubs against my nipples, the way my jeans or whatever rub
against my ass and wrap around my thighs.
I know that Im being watched, I dont know why or by who.
I can feel your eyes on me though and I lick my lips.
I feel your breath on the back of my neck and it sends shivers down my spine.
Sudddenly I'm outside, its a warm day, I can feel the sun and the breeze.
I can feel your breath across my thighs and as I start to look down I know I'm having one hell of a dream.
OK lets do this then I think bring it on
Im standing in front of a door, are you ready I both say and hear,
oh this will be good, because I can feel the ties that have me held down, and I open the door to see the
bed and someones on it.
I know Im getting hot, and wet, oh yes so wet I can feel it run down the crack of my ass.
Are you enjoying this so far? Im not done yet, but I dont want to tease you too much.
But oh boy the things I want to do to you boy.
I cant seem to catch my breath, im coming again, over and over, wave after wave of pleasure overwhelm me
and its all I can do to remember to breath, I just want to come, I need to climax, I want you to feel my muscles
clench and grab and pull so fully youre sure that im either going to pull off the skin, or just pull
you completely into me.
And Im still dreaming at this point
but yes, ive got my fingertips running over my thighs, lightly brushihng against my pussy, oh I really
need to cum.
Please baby, please please please let me cum, please
oh yes i know that look, and as I feel 2 oh yes, 3 fingers slide into me, i instantly start to cum and
my muscles rhythmically clench and pull, instinctively trying to get more and more of you into me.
im on my tip toes, and as you open your fingers you also raise me higher, pushed against the doorway
my legs widen and raise wrapping around your hips, my feet locking behind you at the top of your ass, and i push and
slide downward to impale myself upon that magnificent cock. i can feel you stretching me open, sliding onto your
erection like a skin. so warm and wet and tight you almost cum,
but no, im nnot ready for that and i instead start to slide back and forward, up and down, anytthing to
get more and more of you inside me, to get that friction and pressure built up, i want to need to must come,
I have to have you buried deep into me, my mouth between my tits, anywhere you want, just make me cum ok?
so you asked if im ready to suck your cock tonight, well nights are tricky for me, ive got a 7yo, so after she goes to bed
is good but days when shes gone at school are better, now she doesnt go back until tomorrow
but i can figure something out if youre free in any way today, or tomorrow id love to have several hours
to explore every inch of you, and see what i can do. i want to show you a few things.
oh and those nipples of mine are special, I like to have them played with and make me cum.
and then i want to climb on top of you or underneath, or alongside or everywhich way possible and i want
to try to cum everyway that ive thought of in the laswt what 12 hrs? yeah and its alot.
but only if you want to.
Im extremely discreeet, have my own place, in a fairly quiet bldg. and for too too long had to be church mouse quiet
during sex, and so i want to let loose and lord have mercy i got to go and um dig out some toys and try
to quench this fire i suddenly findd myself with, im so turned on right now that i think ill need to have like 5 or 6 orgasms
this morning alone just to function.
thank you for that by the way. its been a long time since ive seen a cock as fine and luscious looking as that
and my juices, both creative and the ones running down my inner thigh havent been this freely flowing in too
long a time and im enjoying both. I really hope that i can enjoy a chance to put some of them into actual
use and have a fantastic time.
so heres more of my initial dream that got me going this morning, and well want a little taste,
give me a call this morning here and you can "help" direct this impromptu morning romp shall we say?
yeah, i have to admit i really have developed a large appreciation for sex and the pleasures it both brings and can allow me to give
and so i hope ive not completely like scared you off.
I know this is a bit jumbled and frantic, but quite frankly thats your fault, its your picture that set my
brain off and got me all discombobulated and turned on like this.
ok ok ok enough, ill hopefully talk to you soon

I open the door, slightly surprised but more pleased to see you still lying in the bed.
Naked as a newborn, the ties still holding you to it.
I walk over and look down at you, as you open your eyes, I start to undress. A smile spreads across your face.
I take off my skirt, and you notice the trickle of juices running down my inner thigh.
Yes I've been thinking of you.
I kneel on the bed, with my knees on either side of your thighs. I lean over and take you into my mouth,
I suck the tip gently then blow on it.
Oh yes youre happy to see me, and a smile spreads on my face as your cock starts to twitch and jump,
awakening slowly to my oral ministrations, I give one last lick then crawl farther up your helpless body.
Ill get back to him in a minute.
I stop to lick and nibble my way up your chest from your hips.
I get to your neck and bite a little more forcefully.

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