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Searched My Name  

HollyChatsNJ 61T
2346 posts
12/20/2019 11:26 am
Searched My Name

Okay, I'm at home having a late lunch.
Thinking to myself... My laptop is on, what can I web search?

Typed my name and a placed I used to work at called
"The Hideaway South".
Loved this place, It was located in Northern VA just outside of DC.
WOW 9 to 10 years ago - where did it go!

Hope everyone is having a great day...


Atlantic City, NJ

HollyChatsNJ 61T
2663 posts
12/20/2019 11:26 am

Thanks for viewing...


Atlantic City, NJ

rookysrg31 55M/52F
44 posts
12/20/2019 11:39 am

your looking good today

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 2:31 pm:
Thank you so much for checking out my post.
Appreciate the comment.

10472 posts
12/20/2019 1:06 pm

Hey, Holly.

*I Searched My Name and My Last Arrest Showed*

Have A Fantastic Friday!!


HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 2:26 pm:
So does that mean Jack = trouble?
I don't think so...

lonlyforlove2 77M  
3190 posts
12/20/2019 5:12 pm

I fill up pages, I am everywhere, even at the post office with Jack!!!

Be sure to look in at lonlyforlove2 . It may make you smile!!

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 2:28 pm:
so cute - Another one - Trouble
No way...

tnt6969694 66M
216 posts
12/21/2019 11:45 am

Awesome - nice memories - have a great day

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/21/2019 2:29 pm:
Thank you...
Years go by quickly...
Enjoy your evening

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