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Cowboys 7-7 Eagles 7-7  

HollyChatsNJ 61T
2346 posts
12/22/2019 6:47 am
Cowboys 7-7 Eagles 7-7

Cowboy and Eagle Fans... Here we go!

I'm so ready watch the game today.

I do want the Eagles to win. But the chances are slim.

One could hope... Go Eagles!

That's it - Have a great day!


Atlantic City, NJ

HollyChatsNJ 61T
2663 posts
12/22/2019 6:47 am

Thanks for viewing...


Atlantic City, NJ

sixty69nine2018 51M
22 posts
12/22/2019 6:56 am


HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/22/2019 7:17 am:
Thanks so much for checking out my post.
Much appreciated...

redrockrascal 61M
20950 posts
12/22/2019 6:59 am

I haven't posted my game picks yet but I heard the cowturds may have some significant injuries.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/22/2019 7:17 am:
As do the Eagles...
Thanks for your input

mse197478 64M  
825 posts
12/22/2019 7:11 am

You never know what Cowboys team is going to show up. I think the Eagles have a good chance to win. You never know and that's why they say "that's why they play the game". I have no dog in this fight but I'm pulling for the Eagles, too.

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/22/2019 7:19 am:
Glad to hear that - Go eagles!

Yes, one never knows

Cosplay14u 53M
3 posts
12/22/2019 8:15 am

go eagles!

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/22/2019 11:21 am:
Thanks for checking out my blog
along with your comment

getwithme2day72 47M
38 posts
12/22/2019 3:36 pm

Fly Eagles Fly....nice pic Holly

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/22/2019 4:57 pm:
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and leaving a comment...
Love your comment

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