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Broken furnace, how a cold day became hot and wet!
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 11:34 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2019 1:42 pm

Been looking, fantasizing,chatting,sexting, and masturbating to the idea of a certain fantasy. You read it over and over and it makes you so wet... You been chatting with him and even getting yourself off reading the story. You know it by heart by now. Laying in bed imagining him inside you as fuck yourself with your favorite vibrator. Doesn’t take long before you are cumming all over his make believe cock deep inside you...Last time you chatted online he told you if you ever wanted to live it out just send him a message playing to the story but you have to play it through. So here it goes...

You feel it getting colder and colder and go to the thermostat and notice it’s not just you but is way below your set point temperature. You ask some friends online and text if they know anybody who works on furnaces. One friend tells you about Someone that fixed their AC quick and responsible priced and is a friend. She gives you his number and tells you to text him. You do right away and within minutes get a text back. “Sure I can come look at it, what’s the address?” You respond and figure it will be awhile. Just a few minutes pass and you hear a knock at the door. You still in pajamas pants no panties and a T-shirt with no bra... crap.. you answer the door “sorry didn’t expect you so soon, I probably should of got out of my pajamas, I probably look like a bum. He just smiles and says “you look good to me” as he totally checks you out with absolutely no shame. “So no heat huh?” Oh yes no heat. “Ok can you show me where the thermostat and furnace is?” Sure, you walk him over to furnace as he turns the heat up and then you show him to the furnace in basement. See not doing anything? “Ok, I’ll figure out what’s going on and let you know” Ok sounds good, I’ll be upstairs if you need anything. You go up the stairs and trying to decide to change into something a little bit more appropriate. Before you do you get a text “dam girl what do you have on Andrew says you don’t need heat you’re hot as fuck.” You text back whatever lies. Then she sends screenshot. You can see she asked if you called and he replied with how hot you are...then she jokingly replied “maybe if you suck his dick? repairs......hahaha jk” you have a good laugh but now all you can think about is seducing him. God you need to get laid.... you can hear him working downstairs and convince yourself you have enough time to get yourself off besides you will hear him coming up stairs... in no time at all you’re in your bed one hand squeezing and feeling your breasts one playing with your pussy with your pants pulled off one leg and one left on up to the mid calf. Imaging him between your legs you are getting so close but every time you hear a noise you stop until you realize it’s nothing. You are almost there... oh god your cumming and you open your eyes look down between your legs...YOU can see him standing in doorway looking through the door you left crack open 3-5 inches and quickly close your eyes. You tell yourself to act like he is not there and he will go away and then you can act like it didn’t happen once he leaves the doorway area.

You slowly touch yourself trying to seem like you don’t know he is there but don’t want to stop because then what? Just lay there motionless for him to leave? You hear something not sure what but just slightly peak with one eye...oh fuck...look at that cock! He has his pants pulled down in door way stroking his big hard cock... your eye peeks a little more and more until you find yourself seemingly uncontrollably touching yourself in sync with him, your eyes wide open staring right at his hand stroking his big hard look up at his face and it drives you absolutely crazy. You have to have him inside you now! You don’t say a word but roll over and get on your hands and knees facing away from him. Reaching back touching yourself. You hear his clothes hitting the floor and soon feel the bed as he gets on and moves in behind you. You spread your lips apart inviting him in as he rubs his hard cock up and down your wet pussy. Left hand gripping your hip he pushes himself all the way in so deep... until he is pushing firmly against your ass. He starts stroking slow and firm at first but after awhile you beg to be fucked harder and harder. He grabs a handful of your hair and pulls your head back just right as you push your ass back as he begins to pound your pussy hard!

Need your furnaces fixed...?

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