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What is Expected
Posted:Feb 7, 2019 1:38 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 12:10 pm

Am I correct in assuming that this is an adult site for discovering others with like interests? ? just wondering that's all.
I have received a few contact possibilities from women who seem to be seeking a husband or some kind of permanent relationship. If that happens in here due to common interests and desires, wonderful, but seeking a spouse where much of the conversation and activities are centered around our sexual needs and desires seems to make the concept of the spouce search a bit puzzling.
From the women I have had contact with, which is four to date, each one has a list of ideas for the perfect man or partner. First of all, a list? Really! Is that what a courtship has been reduced to, meeting a given set of criteria on a check list?
Love isn't about a checklist. It's about chemistry, compassion, respect and understanding. When two people find themselves attracted to each other, adjustments, refinement and sometimes compromise come into play as well. It depends on the strength of the relationship as it grows. Sometimes the bond develops so strongly, that the idea of moving forward seems only natural.
However, I must confess, I do not prescribe to theory that there is only one person out there for you. I feel there are so many possibilities, that meeting the right person is not a mistake, it's an attraction that we hope will grow like a seed and sprout fruit as it ages and matures. (WOW!, what an analogy *S*)
Anyway, please, throw away the lists, get out there and meet people. It's still the best way to develop a relationship. If you wish to try a dating site, they go for the gold, but still don't take your check list with you, leave it home and have fun. When you're in here, relax, be naughty and have fun. You may come across someone who has the same tastes as you, but, still have fun anyway.

OK, that's enough of my lecture for today. *S*

Friendship and Divorce
Posted:Feb 5, 2019 2:15 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2019 6:56 pm

I have a very close friend who is going through a divorce. The situation is that he, husband, one day went to her and just dropped the "I don't want to be married to you anymore."

She has become my best friend. I hope people feel a man having a woman as a best friend is acceptable. But I do and that's how it is.
She told me her jaw dropped as her world shattered around her. Thirty-three years, down the drain as they were entering their empty next happy years.

Anyway, to the chase. Even though, he walked out on her, all she could get was an equal 50/50 split of the equity. Even though she is the one who was walked out on and left alone. I don't get out legal system sometimes. Anyway, she has been able to pick up the pieces and begin moving on. But, I've noticed that every time she seems to become happy and getting on with her life, something comes along to trip her up. Usually with her family or in this case, with the divorce lawyer.

She said, all she wanted to do was get away. I suggested a Caribbean Island where nobody knows her. My suggestion was to get away alone for a while and just enjoy life. If the opportunity presented itself, be a little slutty if she wished. just wash this from your hair. Just like in South Pacific. *S*

Anyway, was that good advice to suggest. Trust me, she is extremely attractive and very well built. I guess it's ok to say, my good friend is very sexy.

It was just a thought, but in a way, I was serious. She's been hurt and needs to recover in some way.

An Observation
Posted:Jan 28, 2019 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2019 5:07 am

Over the past couple of months I have received a number of flirts, which I enjoy, but, noticed they are from considerably younger women. Now, that is highly faltering as stated, but really? I mean, are these people real or bots of some kind?

It's nice that people check out my profile and maybe even like what they read, however, to have a woman in her twenties or early thirties, flirt or even write me, seems a bit odd. At least to this man anyway.

I know there are some women who seem attracted to older men, but in one circumstance, a 25 year old wrote me an introductory note. I responded, and perhaps that was my mistake. In four exchanges, she was asking me to send her money to feed her due to her current location and that she was a staving volunteer on the Arabian Peninsula from the Virginia area. That's when the warning lights flashed and I would no longer respond to her.

Why are some people so brazen in their approach to people? Are there really fools out there in blog land, looking at a seductive photo, thinking this might be the actual person? I may be older, but, I got so mad at this persons gumption, I had to write something? To me lately, there seems to be a deluge of phony people in here. That upsets me, because it makes it far more difficult to discover the real genuine people who wish friendship and conversation. One never knows where things might lead, but, I have issues with artificial people attempting to pray on others.

I've vented my views and I hope nobody else has had to deal with this kind of bullshit in here.

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Been Busy
Posted:Oct 4, 2018 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2019 12:40 pm

I have not posted in a long while. I have been busy and besides, I realized hardly anyone ever read my posts. That in itself can be depressing. Since I come in here to meet people, feeling kind of rejected is not something I'm really searching for.

So, I choose not to post. I have met some very nice people in here, visited their blogs and replied to their posts. To me, making a new friend is more important then trying to conjure up a topic to post.

Besides, I've never considered myself a very good writer.

I hope I see you in blog land or in a chat somewhere.

Where have the bloggers gone?
Posted:May 30, 2017 5:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2018 5:21 am

I follow or have been following about 20 or so bloggers for some time. For the last six or so months, only three of them have posted anything. I'm wondering if times are changing? Has writing a blog become passe?
Where have people gone? As you probably realize, I"m not a very talented writer and therefore usually enjoy responding to other peoples blogs while on occasion, like now, posting a thought or an image.
Anyway, I thought I'd post this simple note to find out if I'm missing something. I realize there are so many other options out there now and this is only one in a plethora of offerings.
So, here's to posting and blog friends.

Another picture
Posted:Feb 15, 2017 2:02 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2017 4:52 am
Here's a picture of Hawaii.
The place has a plethora of Sacred Sites to the Hawaiians. It is very important to respect them while traveling.

Posted:Feb 15, 2017 1:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2017 1:24 pm
Every once in a while you take a vacation that leaves a lasting impression on you. I just returned from one such trip.
We traveled to Phoenix Arizona then out to the Big Island of Hawaii. There is so much beauty and landscape to absorb it's mind boggling. I never thought I would find such beauty in the desert, but I did and it's unique and has it's own magnificence. We traveled up to Sedona and looking at the rock formations makes you realize the wonders surrounding you. The valleys and mesa's and of course the red rock associated with the area.
One can not travel to the area without taking in the local cuisine which must include a taste of Tequila. I'm not normally a Tequila drinking, but did receive an education on the refinement process and the difference between a good and not so good Tequila.

The Big Island as it's referred to in Hawaii is just that. All of the other islands could fit onto this one and half would still be left over. The people are proud, positive and extremely happy.
An FYI, I didn't know this, there are 23 different climatic areas on the planet. The Big Island has 21 of the 23. From desert, to tropical forest, to mountains and cattle farms. I would strongly recommend a trip there sometime.
The magnificence is breathtaking.

That's why I haven't been around for the last twelve or fourteen days. Sorry for not responding like I usually do to your blogs.
I will get back to it.

Here are a few pics.

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The First Time you Tried Oral Sex
Posted:Apr 9, 2015 5:24 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2017 1:50 pm
Do you remember the first time you actually tried oral sex? I do.

I was dating a very attractive girl my senior year of high school. We had be in the car making out and doing some light petting before I walked her to the door. At that age, guys are always like a walking erection anyway. Just a known fact, I'm stating the obvious here.
Anyway, when we got inside the door, thinking we were alone we continued our passion. I was fingering her and started to work my way down her body. She had a dress on and had removed her panties. So it was free range roaming.
She was leaning against a chair, I don't know why we didn't sit down but we didn't. I was down on my knees with her dress raised and started to kiss the inside of her thighs and wondering if I was doing is right. Then I felt her rubbing her pussy against my face and figured something had to be going right due to her response. I found her lips, parted them with my tongue and had my first taste of a pussy. It actually drove me wild with passion as well as my girlfriend. She was trying to control the noise level. We weren't sure anyone was home. She was loosing control as I continue my oral passion.
That's when the bottom dropped out. Her older sister walked into the room and wondered what was creating the noise in the house. Ahhhhhh, I was on my knees, so I said I was looking for her earring. Of course I had to wipe that glistening sweet juice from my face.
We thought she had brought our reasoning. YEAH RIGHT! But, we hugged and kissed and said good night. I can remember driving home with her sweet sent on my face and her lingering taste on my tongue. What a night. I've never forgotten it. As you can tell.
Can you remember your first time trying oral sex?


Self Consciousness
Posted:Mar 26, 2015 5:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2015 1:04 pm

Are women more self conscious then men? I am asking this as an open question. To me, most men seem to be comfortable in their bodies. Regardless of how out of shape they've become. Women, in general it seems want to work at their bodies in a more determined manner.

Perhaps this is why I see mostly women in the spin, yoga, Zumba and workout classes at our local gym. The men still want to lift the weights, but that's about it. Are the men self conscious about taking classes while the women jump in to a more organized workout?

I do know that when you talk to a woman about bathing suit weather, they almost cringe at times at the thought of their body being viewed by others in a bathing suit anymore. While men, well, we don't really seem to have many issues on that matter. Just take a gander at the various male bodies the next time you're at the beach. They vary is size and shape, but they, for the most part are just being themselves and proud of it. I know, sometimes you wonder where the pride went.

I have a friend who is 54, attractive with a very nice shape. OK, it's outstanding. I mentioned if she ever wears a bikini or two piece bathing suit anymore. She laughed and said, "not on this body anymore." Are you kidding me! Do most women feel this self conscious about themselves? Of course there are always the exceptions, but I'm talking majority of women.

There are always exceptions, but I'm just asking in general.

Ignorance in Posting
Posted:Jan 27, 2015 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2016 11:59 am

I have been reading a few blog posts from some women I am blog friends with. I suppose I can use that term.
They have expressed in each case how some men seem to be rude or totally ignorant in their use of messaging. Leaving a one word post "Slut" and nothing else or leaving rude and uncalled for one sentence statements, like, "Nice tits" or "Do you want to fuck."
REALLY! This is the extent of the cave man mentality that sometimes seems to permeate this site or those like them.
Would anyone walk up to a a woman in public and just blurt out "Hi, want to fuck?" I don't think so. But, for some reason in here, the same men show their cock picture and make small narrow minded comments thinking this turns a woman on. From what I've read from women's comments, the answer is NO, this isn't turning them on. So, here's a question: Why do it?

It's actually demeaning to the woman you're making that statement toward and does make men look like pigs in general.

Just my thought.


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